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Welcome to the cycling world – la filosofia di Brian Holm

How many times do I have to tell you young lazy people that fucking 9 o’clock is 9 o’clock and it will never be 09.01, Eddy Merckx said that weather doesn’t exist for a good cyclist, only ballet dancers wears long bib’s, you only need food and a bottle if you ride more than 3 hours.

Small fucking Pumps are for hairdressers and poodles, at your age I rode 60 km with a broken hand, powermeters is for blind dogs whithout a clue, you use mudguards from november to may – or you ride alone, you have to learn to love pain and hunger cos its your best friend, don’t believe your mother when she telling that you are too skinny, Dan Martin is fucking skinny and you ain’t.
Always prepair your gear and training route the night before, remember all social rides are for hippies or scientology idiots and keep in mind that first one who crack during our ride, gonna pay the black coffee… let’s get started and if you quit today you will quit rest of your life and last thing you want to be is a quitter or a dogshit, cos whatever you do, you can never polish a dogshit or a quitter… have a good ride fat boy.

Mi sono permesso di riformattarlo un tantino ma puoi leggere il post originale sull’Instagram di Brian Holm.
Se trovo il tempo faccio anche la traduzione, eh.