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The night cyclist – romanzo breve di Stephen Graham Jones

Romanzo breve di Stephen Graham Jones

The night cyclist, romanzo breve di Stephen Graham Jones, copertina illustrata da Keith Negley; parla di un cuoco che torna sempre a casa in bici dopo il lavoro a tarda notte, finché…
Puoi leggerlo (gratuito, in inglese) a questo link, ma occhio, fa paRura, soprattutto se “commutate” a tarda ora!

The whole year, there’d been a battle going on in the opinion pages of the newspaper. Motorists were bullying bikers, bikers were kicking dents into fenders and doors. Nobody’d been hurt too bad yet, but it was coming. One of us was going to get nudged a bit too hard by a bumper, nudged hard enough to get pulled under the car, and the motorist was going to walk for it like they always do, and then cyclists were going to be riding side by side from one ditch to the other, stopping traffic for miles.